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NTMWD Thanks the Public for Efforts to Reduce Outdoor Water Use and Continues Call for Conservation Amid Persistent Drought

WYLIE, TX – July 26, 2022: The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) thanks the public and its Member Cities and Customers for conserving water while critical maintenance was completed last week at the Wylie Water Treatment Plant Complex which allowed the facility to resume normal operation. Widespread action to reduce water use, especially outdoors, preserved water resources until all work was finished. Although the maintenance activities were completed, aggressive water conservation is still needed as drought conditions and rising demands for water persist. Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to follow their local water provider’s conservation guidance to reduce outdoor water use. More general water saving tips are available at

During the Wylie Water Treatment Plant Complex maintenance, NTMWD always met or exceeded all state and federal drinking water quality standards. Through the success of public efforts to reduce outdoor watering, NTMWD continued to meet demands while treatment capacity was temporarily reduced.

“We appreciate the response from the public and our Member Cities and Customers to conserve water during this critical period,” said Jenna Covington, NTMWD Executive Director and General Manager.

As the Dallas-Fort Worth region experiences continuing drought conditions, NTMWD is working closely with its Member Cities and Customers to disseminate the continued call to conserve water to consumers. Many cities are using traffic message boards, mass notification systems, and other public education efforts in their communities to inform residents of the importance of conservation amid persistent drought conditions.

NTMWD indicates that water demands are often highest during the month of August and without continued and aggressive conservation, water demands may surpass its facilities’ ability to treat and deliver sufficient volumes. Residents are asked to continue limiting outdoor water use and follow specific guidance from their local provider regarding the timing and frequency of irrigation as the region enters the height of the summer demand season.

NTMWD continues to monitor the ongoing drought situation closely and will engage with its Member Cities, Customers, and the public should additional restriction of outdoor water use becomes necessary.